Sunday, November 20, 2016


November 20, 2016

Little Nathan loves his ice cream. I mean, he LOVES ice cream! Every Sunday, he is the first to finish his dinner, after which he asks for permission to get the ice cream from the freezer. His father usually tells him he needs to wait patiently for everyone else to finish their dinner. He waits, but not patiently. So today when he was willing to forego his ice cream to help pack the shoeboxes into the shipping cartons and the cartons into the semi trailer, you know he is excited about the project. He was gone all afternoon, helping out at the church, working hard to get those shoeboxes ready to ship.

Nathan is just nine years old, but already has a heart to serve. Tonight, the girls are spending the night. Their folks were in Glens Falls for the Panama girls' volleyball state finals, which they won; a first for Panama. The weather has been so bad that they decided to stop for the night rather than drive all the way home. We are blessed to have a warm house for them to be with us. I wish I had a photo of Nathan working, but I wasn't there, I am thankful nonetheless, to have a grandson who loves to serve, and granddaughters who love to spend the night with us.

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