Thursday, November 17, 2016

Better than Expected

November 17, 2016

Occasionally, a job goes even better than expected. After a few errands this morning preparatory to a few of us laying drainage tile for a friend on Saturday, uncommitted time beckoned me to put in an outlet for some of Linda's Christmas decorations. We have this one place where she likes to arrange a creche, but it has no available receptacle. Consequently, we've used cheap LED flashlights to try to light it, with varying degrees of success, each degree however, bordering on unsatisfactory.

My original plan for the receptacle would have entailed plenty of guesswork when it came to drilling the hole for the wiring through the floor, so taking a second look, I found a spot by the edge of the cellar stairs that enabled me to fish a wire with ease. A hole cut in the wall, about six feet of wire, two holes drilled through the floor joists, a couple wire nuts later, and the job was done. There was even an over-sized junction box with only three wires running into it that made it easy to connect everything. Best of all, I didn't electrocute myself or burn down the house!

My repair projects usually take about three days longer and hundreds of dollars more than I expected. To have one go better than planned is like manna from heaven. I even had time left over to mow the lawn for one last time. I know, this is not big stuff. Pretty petty, if you want to know. But life is made up of mostly little things, and I've learned that gratitude for the little things is what trains us in gratitude for the difficult things. I am in training, and today was easy. Tomorrow may not be, but I will give thanks anyway.

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