Friday, November 11, 2016

Satisfaction's Source

November 11, 2016

A dvd from the five dollar Walmart bin, eight grandkids with bellies full of Meema's macaroni and cheese, and all is under control. It's not often that I have them alone; it's much more common for me to have some commitment on a Friday night that leaves her with the entire crew. One would think that this old codger would take all these kids in stride, but I have to admit to some apprehension. On those evenings when the both of us are tag-teaming it through the night, she is the one with the most time in the ring.

One blessing that comes with the age span of the kids is the older ones who just take charge keeping the younger ones entertained. Abi and Izzi helped little Gemma build a snap-block snake that ran from the bedroom, around the kitchen, through the dining room, and into the living room, while I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes.

I'm about to pull the plug on all the political commentary on Facebook. Everyone seems to be angry, vindictive, and bitter, with it making little difference between which side of the aisle one is on. I made the commitment a couple years ago to stop forwarding all those posts; it's about time I stopped even reading them. The time spent with the grandkids tonight around the dinner table, making block snakes, and listening to their laughter as they watched the dvd fills me up inside, and lends credence to my observation that most of what makes our lives meaningful has little to do with the big events swirling around on the national scene.

I had a conversation with someone recently concerning our well-intentioned resolve to stay in touch with friends who move away. It lasts for a few months, but is increasingly difficult to maintain as the years go by because life is built mainly with small bricks and boards, one at a time. It's the everyday commonplace activities that are the glue holding us together, like sharing a meal together, making small talk after church, and simply greeting one another as we pass on the street. There was a bonding tonight with the grandkids, and I am thankful.

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