Saturday, July 15, 2017

Offering Grace

July 15, 2017

Friends have been congratulating me about my temporary assignment preaching at the Dunkirk church. “I am so happy for you,” is a comment I’ve heard more than once. My elation is a bit more subdued. Being out of the pulpit for three years makes the return a bit intimidating. Sometimes the Comeback Tour turns out to be less than stunning. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll know how excited I am to be back on the job.

One thing for which I am definitely thankful: serving Communion again. Years ago when I started offering communion each week, I never imagined how doing so would change my own life. Part of every communion service is what is formally called The Examen,” when we reflect upon the past week, confessing our sins, and preparing ourselves to receive the forgiveness. Worship music is always uplifting, the prayers and sermons helpful, but it is in receiving communion that grace shines forth. It is my weekly spiritual checkup, when the slate is once more wiped clean. To be able to offer this grace to others is a privilege I haven’t had in three years. Tomorrow, I get to offer it again. For that I am thankful tonight.

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