Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Birthday Gift

July 11, 2017

“Here’s your card. You need to have it tonight instead of tomorrow.” With these words, Linda handed me a birthday card last night. In it were tender words, some money, and the gift of time; My entire birthday together doing whatever I chose. It’s hard to do birthday presents when there’s nothing we need. Spending money just to say we’ve bought something doesn’t make much sense, so after my Tuesday morning obligations, we headed south.

First stop was an antique shop in Findley Lake, where we bought a small gift for someone else’s birthday. Then to the Erie mall where I found a summer dress Linda had wanted. We looked for a dress shirt for me, but couldn’t find one that met my specifications. Then, a wonderful dinner at the Texas Road House. 

So, happy birthday to me! Two gifts for others and dinner together, lots of Facebook greetings; sounds just about right. Anyone else want to go birthday shopping with me? It could pay off for you! Today was a good day for which I am thankful tonight. Tomorrow, some theological reflections on what was an almost tragedy, the ‘almost’ part being a continuing source of gratitude in our household.

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