Friday, March 10, 2017

Second Chances

March 10, 2017

For someone who spent his entire professional life dealing with Christianity, I was sure caught off guard today. While waiting for our band rehearsal to start, Harry and I got to talking with one of the band members who was also waiting. Somehow the conversation got around to the Bible's origins. He was convinced that the prominence of the Church in the Middle Ages was the reason that time period has been called the Dark Ages, not having considered that in reality, the Dark Ages were the result of the collapse of the Roman Empire in the third century, or that it was the Church and the monastic movement in particular, that saved western civilization from disappearing with the empire. He claimed to believe the Bible, but at the same time considered it to be a mere human invention, a product of the major Church councils.

Some years ago, he had been representative for his denomination's statewide convention, so he is no novice to religious politics. Unfortunately, the politics seems to be all he sees in it.

I listened, but didn't really respond. I'm not particularly fast on my feet, but he deserved to hear that the Bible may just be a bit more than he figured. I feel bad. I failed him and failed the Lord. My friend is unaware of my failure. God is not, but fortunately he is a God of grace, forgiveness, and second chances. I'll be looking for that second chance, and be grateful for it when it comes.

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