Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Out of the Wind

March 9, 2017

This afternoon as I drove to band rehearsal, we passed a home sitting on a curve in the road. If I hadn't known what I would see, I would have missed it. As I drove by, I could see over the roof of that house Lake Erie stretched out some ten miles distant. It is a magnificent view that stirs something inside me. I love those homes sitting in just the right place to give a vista that almost takes your breath away. That's not the kind of home I live in.

Some time ago I read that generally speaking, women prefer surroundings that are closed in, whereas men like wide open spaces. The author of the article wrote about he and his wife visiting the Grand Canyon. He stood on the edge, arms open wide, exclaiming how wonderful was the scene that stretched before him. He turned around to see his wife standing some feet back, arms wrapped around herself and feeling quite uncomfortable. It is politically incorrect these days to assert that there are basic differences between men and women other than the biological; that gender is merely a social construct. It seems to me that the concept of gender fluidity is the social construct, but that's beside the point.

When Linda was trying to convince me to buy our present home, she saw the beauty of it, surrounded by a creek with an eighty foot shale embankment behind it. Across the road, the cemetery sits on another embankment. We live in a gorge, hemmed in all around.

The winds today have been ferocious. Not quite the 80 mph gusts they're having along the Lake Ontario shoreline, but still topping 50 mph. This afternoon while cleaning up winter's debris from the back yard, we watched a tree come crashing down the embankment into the creek, making quite a racket and mess on the way down while the wind at the top howled in approval. Down where we were, it was pretty calm. We could hear it, see the tree tops swaying, but calm reigned in the gorge. Tonight I'm quite thankful for this little place tucked in between two embankments. We haven't lost a single shingle. Linda is smarter than she knows.

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