Friday, October 7, 2016

To the Third and Fourth Generation

October 7, 2016 Were you to inquire as to my favorite genre of music, my answer would be both quick and unequivocal: Baroque and Big Band. In each there is an intricacy and lushness to the sound that I find particularly pleasing, but aside from the internet and recordings, the opportunity to hear either is pretty limited. So when my Kieran Hanlon, my bass teacher told me Wednesday about a Benny Goodman tribute by the Buffalo Philharmonic, I was immediately interested. What he didn't tell me is that he was to be the bass soloist. Last night, I called and ordered tickets for this morning's 10:30 performance. Linda doesn't like concerts like this; she prefers background music to whatever project she has going at the time, so I asked our daughter if she would like to accompany me. Jessie being a music lover like myself, quickly responded in the affirmative. The concert this morning was all I could have hoped for. The musicianship was stellar, and watching Kieran work his magic on the instrument of my choice gave me particular pleasure. Even better, at intermission, Jessie texted her husband Todd, and when the concert was over, she ordered tickets for tomorrow night's performance for the two of them and their two oldest children. Ian takes guitar lessons, while Eliza has just started with clarinet in addition to her piano lessons. Bennie Goodman's music will raise the bar for her as she sees and hears the possibilities inherent in her instrument. Seeing your own love for music passed on to the next generation is only eclipsed by seeing it in your grandkids. In 2 Timothy 2, St. Paul instructs his young protege to instruct "faithful men who will teach others." Paul was keenly interested in seeing his faith passed on, not just to the next generation, but to the third and fourth as well. In my family, my love for music can be directly traced from my grandmother to my father, to me, my children, and now my grandchildren. Even better, that same lineage holds for our faith in Christ. My prayer is that it may continue to be passed on to at least as many generations to come as in generations past.

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