Monday, October 24, 2016

Strike Up the Band

October 24, 2016 I almost didn't go. When our band director told us about it, I thought it would be nice, but it was on a Monday night, when we have our men's Bible study group. But I have a good friend in Harry, who bought four tickets and offered me one, so I said I'd go. We met his high school friend Gary, had coffee and headed for the concert hall. Tonight, the Army Field Band and Chorus put on the best concert I've ever attended. I can't say I'm a dedicated concert-goer, so I don't have hundreds of concerts under my belt, but tonight's performance featured continual technically difficult and melodic numbers that had the full concert hall on its feet more than once. It's no secret that I love good music, especially live performances. A constantly blaring radio holds no attraction to me, but watching a live performance can be an incredible experience. From classical standards to classic rock, traditional patriotic songs and marches, all performed with uncommon excellence, they provided a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Good music feeds the soul, and mine is ready to burp. I love making music myself, but I am grateful tonight to have had enough musical training to appreciate music that is far beyond my ability to produce.

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