Monday, October 3, 2016

Do the Right Thing

October 3, 2016 "Just do the right thing." I couldn't tell you how often I heard that growing up, or how many times I heard Linda say the same thing to our kids. It must be a woman thing. I can almost see my mother telling me that even if something better comes along, you keep your first commitment." It was a paraphrase of Psalm 15:4 where God praises the one who "swears to his own hurt, and changes not." It wasn't overly busy today; just a trip to Erie to visit a friend in the hospital, then writing some Keryx letters. But when it came time for men's group tonight, I didn't really want to go. Staying home was tempting, but I had to show up for band rehearsal, so there was no reason to not stay for group. I'm glad I did. The study was about how we often opt for short term satisfaction and forego long term rewards. The study was about Jacob and Esau, how Esau traded away his inheritance for a bowl of stew. He chose short term satisfaction, trading his much more valuable inheritance just to fill his belly. One would think that as we get older that temptation would have little power. If we've paid any attention at all to life, by the time you get to be my age, you should know the value of patience, of not sacrificing a better future for an immediate pleasure. But even old guys like myself can benefit from the occasional reminder. I got that tonight, and am grateful for these men who study, work, and pray together, supporting one another through the various challenges of life. I had almost sacrificed a greater blessing for the easier and more convenient pleasure of staying home and finishing my letters. It would have been a mistake, one which I not only avoided, but in the process I re-learned a great lesson: "Just do the right thing."

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