Saturday, October 8, 2016

Applesauce and Rabbit Holes

October 8, 2016 "A good woman is hard to find." So said the writer of the Proverbs. He was right, don't you know, and more than forty six years ago, I found one of the best. This morning after breakfast, we headed to the rainy soccer field to watch grandson Ian play. This, from a woman who abhors camping because if it rains, "everything feels damp and icky." We hauled home another bushel of apples which will soon be transformed into her family-famous applesauce. I think that will be the end of the canning, which when packed into the old cabinet that my grandfather made years ago, looks almost too nice to eat. A wedding reception this afternoon followed by little Gemma staying overnight rounded out the evening with a rousing game of Peter Rabbit, a variation of Chutes and Ladders. How a woman who can tough out the rain, can up a storm, and be the epitome of grace at a wedding reception can four times in a single game end up sliding down the same rabbit hole is beyond me. She's certainly a good woman, but I wouldn't advise placing any bets on her gamesmanship.

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