Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ordinary Blessings

March 12, 2016

I hope he is happy with it, and that it serves him well. It certainly worked well for me, but was just too cumbersome to mount and remove. I'm talking about the homemade snow plow for our old 1948 8N tractor. I bought it about three years ago, successfully used it for one winter before deciding it was too big and heavy for me. It was custom made for an 8N with a frame made of two eight foot, four inch steel pipes welded to an angle iron cross member and activated by a pulley system. I never weighed it, but even in two sections, it was all I and the young man who bought it could do to lift and drag it into the bed of his truck. A steel seven foot blade with frame is not lightweight!

It was listed on Craigslist for less than two weeks, during which time three different scam offers came in. Heath, the young man who bought it, talked real money in his texts. Imagine that! He showed up right on time tonight, we loaded it onto his truck, leaving both of us happy. I'm thankful for honest people, for his cash, and for the opportunity to bless him. He told me he's been looking for a plow for his 8N for about three years. I'm rid of that unsightly outfit that sat in my front yard for almost a year, and he's happy to have finally found what he needed. Blessings all around!

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