Friday, May 13, 2016


May 13, 2016

People surprise me all the time. People I thought I knew have said or done things I never thought could come from them. People I trusted have betrayed me. And people I barely know have surprised me with unexpected generosity and kindness. I recently served a couple I had before known only casually. It was nothing out of the ordinary; nothing I haven't done countless times before in the course of my work. But to this couple, it touched something deep inside, and they wanted to express their gratitude. And over my objections, they did, more generously than I've ever witnessed before.

One never knows how one's kindness is going to affect another. It often doesn't take much. In a world filled with takers, often even a relatively small gesture of kindness shines like a beacon on a dark night. The flame may flicker weakly, but to those in darkness, it offers hope. Tonight I'm grateful for the gift, but even more for the simple spirit in which it was given, and in the boost to my faith in humanity that it gave me. I am humbled by this couple who are better than they know, and who fed my soul more deeply than they can imagine.

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