Saturday, May 7, 2016


May 7, 2016

Got out of bed. Check. Worked out. Check. Made coffee. Check. Spent some quality time with Linda. Check. Read my Bible and prayed. Check. Mailed an item I sold on eBay. Check. Gave Linda her Mother's Day gift. Check. Broke up the concrete pad at our front door. Check. Picked up Ian and Nathan and took them and an old shotgun to Bill's Gun Shop. Check. I left the shotgun there; took the boys with me. Check. Drove them to Cassadaga to dig flowers for the garden we're putting in tomorrow for my mother. Check. Took the boys to Walmart to get sand for the brick door stoop. Check. Treated the boys to McDonalds. Check. Unloaded the sand and laid the bricks for the entryway. Check. Joined Linda and the kids for a delicious dinner of chicken piccata made by my daughter. Practiced my bass while listening to the kids playing Spud in the backyard. Check. Sat with Linda on the back deck, warmed by the chiminea Mother's Day gift. Check. Writing my gratitude list. Check.

It's a good feeling to look back over the day and know you've accomplished a few things. But of all the things accomplished, the most important is one I'll not be able to measure. I prayed for my friend Rell, and for others in need. The accomplishment of our prayers is not ours to measure, but it's there. Until we meet Christ face to face, we have no way of knowing the significance of our prayers. Until then, I am satisfied with knowing that just as my physical labor bears results, so will my prayers. And I am satisfied with having had time to spend with my grandsons, working together not only on a project, but on life. Check.

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