Tuesday, May 24, 2016

As Busy as I Choose

May 24, 2016

"I'm so busy now that I'm retired that I don't know how I found time to work." I've heard those words or a variation of them more times than I care to remember. I don't know what drives this sentiment, whether it's a plea for attention, a bit of gloating over those still in their working years, or if it's simply the unwillingness or inability to engage in any serious thought. I'm busy, but only as much as I choose to be; I usually don't rise as early as I used to, and Linda and I take more time talking at the dinner table than we used to be able to. I am grateful for the busyness. In the past two weeks, I officiated at the funeral of a 29 year old young man and attended the funeral of a 48 year old man. Today I visited a man younger than myself in a nursing home, went to the viewing of another younger man at the funeral home, and spent time talking with a close friend who is only a couple years my senior, talking about his battle against cancer.

Am I busy? Yes, I am. And I am grateful for it. I am still here in this life, able to get around and hopefully bless some others whose mobility and health has been compromised. I'm not in prison as are so many young men and women. My busyness is a sign of a life and freedom many do not share. My prayer is to be able to be busy as long as I draw breath. And when the day comes that I cannot be busy with things to do, people to visit, and places to go, I hope I have presence of mind enough to be busy in prayer. And if I am, many of those prayers will be prayers of gratitude and praise.

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