Friday, February 12, 2016

Too Much Snow

February 12, 2016

"Why is Linda's car sitting in the driveway with six inches of snow on it?" That's the question I asked myself as I bundled up to go out to the woodshed to top off our indoor supply. For the first time in a couple months we had all nine of them all night long, which meant that I needed to make sure there is enough wood to keep Alex and Abi warm all night long. The back room where they sleep is forty feet from the furnace, and even with an extra large duct, it's hard to keep it warm unless the wood stove is fired up.

Before grabbing armloads of wood, I decided to brush off her car and put it in the garage where it belonged, but I must confess some internal grumbling at the extra work I wouldn't have had to do had she but put the car where it belonged in the first place. That job finished, I reached into the man door of the garage and pushed the door opener. As the light came on, I was astonished to see Linda's car sitting snugly in its place where I had driven it earlier in the day. It wasn't Linda's car in the driveway; it was Alex's I had been cleaning off. Feeling somewhat chagrined,I am grateful tonight that before brushing off Alex's car I didn't make a complete ass of myself by barging into the house and complaining about Linda not putting her car away. James tells us the tongue is full of deadly poison. For once, I kept the poison in the jar. That's progress! Believe me, that's progress!

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