Saturday, February 13, 2016

In laws

February 13, 2016

I never knew that household work was in fact, a social occasion. Linda and our daughter in law Debbra collaborated today on a small project into which I was momentarily drawn. As we worked together, the two of them chatted non-stop while I worked mainly in silence. As the task wound down, I commented that if I were working with another man on a project, we could go all day long without uttering more than a couple words, and those would have to do with the job itself. And we wouldn't even be mad at each other! I fully realize that not all men are silent Sams like me, but even so...

I am grateful tonight for my wife's relationship with our daughters-in-law. I know that in many  households those relationships are strained, and even though we have had our bumps in the road, they have been just that - the normal ups and downs of relationships. We are blessed by the women and the man our children have chosen and are thankful for the love that has bound us together all these years.

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