Saturday, February 20, 2016

Successful Succession

February 20, 2016

Most of the things for which I'm thankful probably have little significance or interest to others, but  I've learned that the significant parts of our lives are not usually momentous world events, but rather the ordinary day to day events and people that are often passed over as unimportant. Among those people and events for which I am grateful tonight is Pastor Joe. This morning he and I led a seminar on successful transitioning in a church; we talked about many things, but the central fact of importance was integrity. I've said it before; I'll probably say it many times hence, I am so very blessed that the work to which I've devoted most of my working life is now in his capable hands. He operates much differently than I, but his integrity, his faith in Christ, his passion for evangelism and discipleship, his love for the people is without peer. It is my privilege to call him my pastor, and to do everything I can to help him succeed, for when he succeeds, the church grows in numbers and in faithfulness to Christ, and when that happens, I succeed also. Not many pastors have the opportunity to stay on in retirement, and of those that do, there are a good many who are dismayed to see their successors deliberately and systematically dismantle everything they worked so hard to build. I am seeing Joe build on the foundation I laid. The structure doesn't always look as I imagined it would, but to see my work live on is a great reward. I am blessed far more than I deserve; that's grace, and I'm thankful for each demonstration of it I have received.

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