Friday, February 26, 2016


February 26, 2016

Sometime during the day today I hurt my back; how, I don't know. Most likely it happened while I was plowing the driveway. I use a backblade, which because it works by putting the tractor in reverse, requires me to twist around in the seat to see where I'm going. About an hour after I had finished, it hit me. I couldn't take a single step without feeling a jolt of pain in the small of my back. I finished installing the trim for our closet doors, and was contemplating calling my friend Harry to tell him I wasn't going to band rehearsal, when he pulled up in the driveway. I went to band, but I can't say I enjoyed it much.

It's been about eight hours now, and it still hurts. But I'm thankful. This is a temporary matter, a muscle strain that will be gone tomorrow or the next day. I know people who face this and worse every day of their lives. I am blessed in so many ways, not the least of which is my health. I am thankful for the pain that tells me something is wrong so I can make the necessary adjustments. And I am grateful that it isn't chronic. And I'm reminded to pray for those who are suffering.

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