Thursday, December 8, 2016


December 8, 2016

The snow waited as if to say, "This is important; go do it!" The road trip was originally scheduled for today, but it was better for Norm if we rearranged things for yesterday, so bright and early, I picked up Eric at the carpark and we drove to Grove City. It was good for both of us; Eric is off work while healing from shoulder surgery, and the company was welcome. The weather was beautiful, even balmy for a week into December, the roads were dry and the sky clear. We arrived right on schedule. I pulled into the parking lot and called Norm before texting Alex. Norm arrived first.

In the back of his minivan was a 1936 King string bass, only the third year of production. Blonde finish and beautiful curly maple back and sides, it looked even better than the photos Norm had put online. I handed over the cash and maneuvered the bass into the car. Alex had arrived by then, so we bid goodbye to Norm before going out to lunch.

That hour together was gone all too soon, and we needed to say goodbye so she could get back to studying for finals. I don't know what it is about it, but every time we visit, I leave another piece of my heart in Grove City. I wonder if it will be this way for all the grandkids. I don't think she saw the tears in my heart through the smile on my face, but they were there.

Getting a vintage bass was nice, but really it was only a good excuse for spending some time with our granddaughter. The drive home after dropping Eric at the park & ride was quiet and thoughtful. The snow came today, covering the green of the lawn in a foot deep blanket of white. It's OK; I had yesterday, and am thankful tonight.

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