Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blessed Beyond Belief

December 15, 2016

Snow days aren't quite what they used to be. Growing up, it was every boy's dream to hear those magical words. The snow was too deep, the wind blowing too hard, the temperature too cold for school, but none of that mattered as we built snow forts, went sliding, participated in snowball fights till our mittens were soaked through and our boot tops were packed with snow.

Being married to a teacher, snow days meant I didn't have to snowblow the driveway at 5:30 in the morning; I could sleep in a bit longer and do it after the sun was up. I always pitied those whose work meant being out in the worst of the weather; snowplow operators, police, farmers, and hospital personnel. As the song goes, "the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful." My work almost always gave me a bit of leeway when it came to being out in the worst weather.

But now in retirement, snow days are a thing of the past. There is no special joy when the schools close; I was up on the roof again today, and expect to do so again tomorrow. But I can take it at my own pace, and for that I am grateful, along with those who do such a fine job keeping the roads clear. Around hear, that's a big undertaking, and they do it well. The Bible tells us how we need one another, and days like today are ample evidence of it. I plowed the driveway again, shoveled snow off the roof, picked Abi up from her overnight stay in Panama, and then tonight, Linda and I drove on nearly clear roads to pick up a few Christmas supplies. All of that was possible because of others; the men who serviced my tractor a few weeks ago, the snowplow operators, and even the cheerful server at Arby's.

I've been thinking of and praying for the poor people trapped in the fighting in Aleppo. Life for them is a continual nightmare of just trying to survive the horrors of the obscene and unending Syrian civil war. Tonight we are warm and safe because of countless people doing their jobs, and I feel almost guilty when I think of the great blessings I have day after day. O my soul, pray for those who suffer, and give thanks for all you've been given!

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