Friday, December 9, 2016

A Pain in the...

December 9, 2016

Yesterday morning as I was sitting and talking with a good friend, I reached for a file folder at my feet and suddenly felt my back lock up. It just wouldn't let me complete the motion. I limped around like an old man for the rest of the day. Sitting was fine; getting out of the chair was a different story. Laying flat felt fine, but straightening up to stand was a challenge. Linda kindly rubbed my back before bed, and I wondered what the morning would bring.

Well, morning came. I got up gingerly and dressed for work. The snowfall through the night necessitated plowing the driveway whether my back hurt or not. And plowing with a backblade requires a lot of twisting in the seat. Turns out, that was the best therapy I could have taken! By the end of the hour (I did two neighbor's driveways, too), I felt almost as good as new. I can still feel it when I first stand, but I am standing straight and walking freely. I know too many people who live in constant agony with back problems. I am thankful tonight that I am not one of them, and offer my prayers for them with an understanding I did not previously have.

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