Sunday, September 18, 2016

Showers of Blessings

September 18, 2016 It rained again today. That might not seem like such a big deal, except that it rained yesterday too, after a summer with almost no rain at all. The showers were on and off, but it's been a drenching rain that we've sorely needed. The old Gospel song intones, "Showers of blessing, showers of blessing we need. Mercy drops 'round us are falling, but for the showers we plead." Linda and I have been showered with blessings of family and church all our lives, and today was no different. We celebrated Mattie's eleventh birthday today with pizza and ice cream at our house, replete with the traditional "Happy Birthday" song sung and shouted in glorious and deliberate dissonance to a smiling little girl who is a delight to us all. In addition to our immediate family, her maternal grandparents joined us, driving all the way from Rochester to be a part of her life, and friends with their kids who live across the road from Matt and Jeanine. The house was full till it was time to head back to church to teach bass at our School of the Arts, followed by visiting with and praying for a friend who stopped in to thank us for our prayers for him as he has been going through a difficult time in his life. He wanted us to know that those prayers are slowly being answered as he is learning to trust God in ways he has never done before. This next week will also be full as we host our Cuban friend Willie for a few days while he visits churches in the area, much like St. Paul made his circuit through Asia Minor on his missionary journeys. Life is full, in so many ways, and although I am an introvert who relishes the quiet times such as I am having at the moment, I am grateful for the people, and to be married to an extrovert who ensures that I don't just hole up like a hermit and miss the joy of those people who continue to bless me by their love and faith. It rained again today; showers of blessing watering the earth...and me.

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