Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Happy Ending

September 3, 2016

Reading together by the fire after a long day's work makes for a beautiful way to end the week. Most of the day was spent building a woodshed. A couple sections of roof, then weatherguard and shingles, and one more project gets scratched off my list, and a very satisfying scratch it will be! Earlier today, Matt and I took a truckload of old motorcycle parts to be sandblasted as preparation for painting. A few hundred dollars and a couple weeks down the road, we should be able to start assembly. Come spring, it will be another project done, one that has literally been a lifetime in the making. Matt will get to enjoy it more than I, but that's OK; finishing the build will be reward enough for me.

Yesterday I commented on the full calendar of events looming before us. It will be busy, but we are busy with the people who fill our lives with joy. In between, are the projects, most of which are things that have been on the back burner for years, waiting for the time when I could get to them. I wish I had a good comeback for all the retired people who tell me that they're so busy they don't know how they found time to work. I'm busy, but it's with matters of my own choosing. Scratching things off my list feels good, but there will always be more that gets added on. The people however, don't get scratched off. They remain, giving meaning and purpose to the projects. My main project purpose sat with me by the fire tonight, making a perfect ending to the day.

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