Wednesday, July 13, 2016


July 13, 2016

It's been a long time since I've camped out. The last time I remember was a few years ago when Matthew decided it had been too long since we took a canoe trip. Our last trip to Algonquin in Canada was some twenty years ago, so we took a short trip down the Allegany, for the most part uneventful and pleasant.

Tonight I'm camped out at the Hamburg fairgrounds for the national BMW motorcycle rally. I guess because the Ural's cylinders stick out the sides of the engine, it's considered close enough, although I'm definitely the poor cousin around here. Huge motor homes and expensive bikes are the order of the day. My cousin Tom, his friends Ken and Don, and I are tenting. The weather is hot and muggy with a forecast of heavy rain tonight. Maybe Linda has a point when she says her idea of roughing it is the Holiday Inn. I suspect that before the night is over, I may agree with her.

For the social butterfly, this would be a godsend. For someone like myself who values time alone, this is more like a challenge. Never having attended something like this, I'm grateful for the opportunity to have this new experience. I'll try to be grateful when everything is soaking wet, too.

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