Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yeah, I'm Proud!

June 21, 2016

It's taken a lifetime to settle into my value as a man and as a pastor. I've been able to acknowledge my strengths and successes, and to admit my weaknesses and limitations. The former is fun; the latter, not so much. I have however, come to terms with both. I will not be the one who pastors a megachurch, writing books and leading seminars; I will not be the one who transforms the world. But earlier today I did get a glance into what I have accomplished. Understand, I didn't do it alone. I had help from my wife, my Christian friends, and most certainly from the grace of God which more than made up for my deficiencies.

Tonight our son Nathan gave the baccalaureate address for Panama Central School. You can chalk my comments up to proud papa syndrome, but you'd be wrong. Had he muffed it, I would merely be silent, choosing to write about something else. He didn't muff it. He nailed it. He was engaging, humorous, and focused, speaking from his heart with stories that drove into his goal, proclaiming with clarity and precision the love of God the Father in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When the "Accuser of the Brethren" who came to rob, kill, and destroy, whispers his discouraging lies in my ear, accusing me of being a pastoral failure and parading out all his corroborating evidence, all I need to do is point to my son and remind Satan that the blessing of the Father isn't limited to the mere third and fourth generation of the devil's curse. God's blessing is to the thousandth generation, and we're just getting started. Am I proud of him? You bet! Am I grateful for the grace of God that took our imperfect parenting and multiplied our efforts while minimizing our shortcomings and used it all to produce an effective communicator who is passionate for Jesus Christ? That goes without saying!

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