Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Quiet Evening

June 1, 2016

Following a full day rototilling the garden in what to me is blazing heat (I'm more of a shade dweller), with Linda trim mowing and working her garden, my suggestion that we go to the Liberty Grill for dinner was received with enthusiasm. Not having to cook on a warm evening after working all day apparently is attractive even to a heat lover like Linda. Our appetizer for the evening was deep fried pickles. Alex, our eldest granddaughter is a pickle and elephant freak. Since elephant wasn't on the menu, deep fried or otherwise, I suggested that we save one of the pickles for her. Linda, apparently not having learned as a little girl how to share, would have none of that, so we ordered another whole serving to bring home to her.

When we called, she affirmed she was home and would be happy to stop by our house in about half an hour, which she did...accompanied by Abi and Izzi. Jo arrived later, having been swimming at the Pascoes when we called. It so happened that their parents had gone out to dinner, leaving the girls home alone. Unfed. Linda got out the sloppy joe that she had  planned to serve to company that would be coming tomorrow, added some peas, cottage cheese, and the remainder of the fruit slush she has been fixing for the library tea on Saturday. So much for not cooking!

They hung around, exuding teenage craziness for awhile, and just before they left, I got a call from Jessie. It seems Gemma hadn't had her Meema and trampoline fix for the day and wanted to come over "for just a few minutes." The Bailey girls went home except for Izzi who wanted to do her "I Ready" school work. Jess and her three pulled in, and in short order, all the kids were jumping on the trampoline before heading to the creek. "A few minutes" equals at least an hour around here. Must be something goofy about our clocks.

Pretty typical of a quiet evening at our house. Almost anything can happen, most of it unplanned much of it unexpected, all of it pure joy.

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