Tuesday, June 28, 2016


June 28, 2016

We used to call it a junkyard. Now it's a recycling station. Whatever you call it, it's where stuff that's broken, stuff no one wants, ends up. It's collected, sorted, and sent out to be melted down and turned into different stuff; given a new life, if you will.

Tonight was the first game of the Cassadaga Valley summer youth soccer league. Various businesses sponsor the teams, providing uniforms, paying referees, and supplying the teams with balls and nets. Parents were out by the score to watch their kids from pre-school to high school chase balls all around the five different fields marked off by white lines and goal nets. The last kids to play were ironically sponsored by Mom & Pop's Recycling and by Park church. As I watched, it occurred to me that these two opposing teams were sponsored by the essentially the same business. Mom & Pop's is in the business of recycling metals; Park church is in the business of recycling people: people who are broken, people no one wants. We take them in, sort them out, and by the grace of God, they are given new life, turned into different people. Mom & Pop's does it with stuff that is temporal; Park church does it with people who are eternal.

Park won the game tonight, and in life where it really counts, Park is also the winner, for which I am grateful tonight and always.

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