Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Interrupted Plans

June 7, 2016

Actually, I wasn't there for it. I wanted to be, but instead, I was at Annual Conference waiting to be ordained, stepping out of session to call home every hour on the hour. Earlier, I had conferred with Bishop Yeakel who assured me that there would be no deliveries that day. The following year I told him that it was a good thing he was a much better bishop than prophet.

Every time we talked, Linda kept assuring me she would be by my side for ordination until the last call which she made from the phone booth in the hospital hallway (this was MANY years before the advent of cell phones), when she finally said she didn't think she'd be able to come. A mere ten minutes later, Jessie was born.

For quite a few years I was the only person in the Conference who had two dates engraved on the Communion set every ordinand was given at his or her ordination. The only other person with that distinction came by hers by having a heart attack. I prefer our way: the birth of my daughter. She has been interrupting our plans ever since with unexpected blessings and joy deepened by mutual love. As I told her when she married, Todd would from then on be her best, but I would always be her first love. Happy birthday, Jessie! Your mother and I are so grateful God interrupted our expectations to bring you into our lives on this day so many years ago.

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