Tuesday, April 26, 2016


April 26, 2016

Green is green, right? Except when it's springtime in Sinclairville. The deep green brown of the spruce overshadows the bold green in the lawn. Down by the creek, the pale leaf buds of the bayberry contrast with the waxy ovals of the Myrtle with its delicate purple flowers. The cascading golden bloom of the forsythia highlights the budding green below them, while the willows shout their early glory to the winds.

I love the nearly infinite variety in the springtime shades of green. It happens at no other time of the year. Pretty soon this display of shades and hues will all meld into a somewhat homogenous green covering the valleys and hillsides. Every place on earth has its own beauty, but I like what I see all around me this time of year in this little corner of the earth. I am thankful that these old eyes can still revel in the glory revealed all around.

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