Friday, January 6, 2017

Tears of Sorrow and Laughter

January 6, 2017

Tonight during our dinner group's prayer time, we shared some pretty serious and sobering stuff different ones were experiencing, most of which none of us has direct control over. We prayed together, and soon after, said our goodbyes and headed home. But in those last moments together, I looked around the room, grateful for the love we share, love that sustains us through deep waters. To my dinner group, I want you to know how much I cherish our times together, how much I love and pray for you, that our Heavenly Father will strengthen you and give you the wisdom you need for the paths he has laid before you.

I am also grateful for comic relief. Arriving home, I took a few moments to check my Facebook account, and read this entry from a pastor friend who has young children:

"In thinking that he wouldn't have to wash his hands after using the potty, Nathan just flushed the toilet with his tongue. Needless to say, his germophobic mother is freaking out."

Which reminded me of years ago when our kids were toddlers, my brother's wife told of one of her sons coming into the kitchen and asking her to take the sucker off the stick for him. She put it in her mouth, twisted and turned it ti it came off, then rinsed it and gave it to him. A minute or two later his brother walks into the kitchen with one sleeve soaking wet up to his armpit. "How did you get your sleeve all wet?" she asked. "I was getting Kevin's sucker out of the toilet," was the answer. True story.

One of the responses to my friend's posting was a link to a similar story, which combined with the other two, had me laughing out loud and wiping tears from my eyes. Here is the link:

I am grateful tonight for friends whom I love, and with whom I can pray as they face life's difficulties, and for respite from them in the form of laughter over the foibles and fallacies of life itself.

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