Saturday, January 28, 2017


January 28, 2017

Sometimes (actually, quite often) I have to fight off a tendency to be judgmental and critical. God convicted me of this more than four years ago, leading me to be careful to share only positive posts on Facebook. Well, at least I think they are positive; perhaps others not so much. That being said, Dicken's introduction to A Tale of Two Cities comes to mind: "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times..." It is striking how at times two different people, two different experiences, two different events can be juxtaposed in such a way that despite their surface similarities, their foundational differences stand in stark contrast to each other.

In the past two weeks, we've seen the Women's March on Washington and the 44th Right-to Life March both take to the streets to proclaim their disparate messages to the nation. Both sides are passionate about their cause, and perhaps it's because I'm getting old and old school, but I have a hard time taking seriously anyone who struts around with a representation of a vagina on her head. If I heard the speeches correctly, there was great objection to the objectification of women's bodies, which is hard for me to correlate with the costumes being worn. The phrase "cognitive dissonance" comes to mind here.

The second march, by all appearances, was tame by comparison, and lacking the dubious star power of the first. Which to me, gives it a credibility all its own. Of course, the fact that the second march was all about protecting the lives of yet-to-be-born human beings, half of whom are females, doesn't hurt. And since I've committed to writing about positive things for which I am thankful, it is this second march, what it stands for, and those who are in the fight for life, for which I am thankful tonight.

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