Thursday, January 19, 2017

Light in the Darkness

January 19, 2017

As we drove through Mayville tonight, the streetlights poked misty tepee-shaped holes in the darkness, illuminating the road one lamp post at a time. It had an eerie, but rather cozy feel to it, making me think of the task God has given us in the world. The Bible speaks of the Light of the world coming into the darkness which could not overcome it. In John 9, Jesus tells us that as long as he is in the world, he is the light of the world, but when he ascended to the Father after his resurrection, that task fell upon our shoulders.

The darkness is real, and is deep. But wherever the light shines, in those places it is possible to see, to walk without bumping into things, to avoid pitfalls and obstacles. We are called to be lights, enabling people to see their way, to avoid life's pitfalls, and to make it safely to their destination. The street lamps in the foggy night remind me of our calling. We may not be able to completely eliminate the darkness, but if we allow Christ to shine through us, we can push the darkness around us back. Wherever the light shines, be it ever so feebly, the darkness has to recede, and for that I am grateful tonight.

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