Saturday, August 27, 2016

Unexpected Joys

August 27, 2016

From a swim team breakfast at Applebee's to a delightful wedding of some dear friends, our Saturday has been full. The hours were full, but so was the joy of supporting our granddaughters and their team, and our friends. The hours are gone, but the blessing of relationships being strengthened and deepened will last forever.

We got home about five o'clock and I started working on the woodshed I've been wanting to build. While I was measuring, sawing, and screwing the frame together, the shouts of children approaching made me look up to see Jo, Nathan, Mattie, and Eliza tooling down the driveway on their bikes. After a few minutes gathered around the swing interrupting Linda's reading, they head for the pond. Our fishpond has become a haven for frogs which become in turn, the target of the grandkids armed with nets and buckets. Almost every day they show up ready for froggy war, complete with squeals of joy which turn to squeals of surprise when I plug in the fountain that they've turned off while they wade in the pond stalking their prey.

Little Nathan wants to drive the old 8N again, so I get it out for him to take a couple turns around the yard before they're all off for home. I walk down to the swimming hole to invite the swimmers to tomorrow's worship in the park, free chicken BBQ, and games for the kids. Later, with the night's work done, we sit on the swing, marveling at our good fortune. How is it that we have been so extraordinarily blessed? We've had our share of trials, but tonight they all seem so small and distant. We take none of it for granted, knowing that life can suddenly turn on a dime. But I remember the words pastor Joe spoke at the wedding; words I've spoken countless times myself: "for better, for worse." Marriage and life contains both. Over the years we've experienced some of the worse, but today we have the better, and it's good.

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