Monday, August 15, 2016

To Spread Her Wings

August 15, 2016

It was almost like Sunday dinners at our house. The entire crew - three kids and their spouses, nine grandchildren, Linda and myself sitting around the table. The only difference was that we all fit at a single table, and had to pay for the meal. There won't be many more times like this. This coming Friday will be our last Friday night with all the grandkids camped out all over the house, and Sunday will be the last Bailey Sunday dinner before Alex heads off to college, at which time the clock starts ticking till It's Abi, then Izzi, and so on, down the line.

When babies are born, so cute and cuddly, we often say that we wish they could stay that way, but if they do, we become alarmed. It's called failure to thrive, and when it happens; when growth is arrested, we know something is wrong. Babies naturally grow unless something is preventing it. We've been privileged to watch not only our own children, but our grandchildren growing up before our eyes, and soon the eldest will take the next step into her future. It will be the first of many changes as one by one, they spread their wings and fly. I am grateful for the years we've had them with us, for the years we will yet have before the last one leaves the nest. It's been so good that sometimes it's hard to believe our good fortune, yet my eyes are on the future, not the past, and we still have opportunity to build into them for that future. And build, we will!

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