Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Morning Attitude Adjustments

March 16, 2016

It's amazing how great a difference one's approach to life makes on whether or not any given day is bane or blessing. I was determined to get up early so I could give God my undivided attention this morning, and indeed, I was up early enough to do so, and did. Unfortunately, the place where I've been reading in the Bible wasn't conducive to any new insight, at least in the amount of time I was able to set aside, so it felt like a meal gobbled down in a hurry, without taking the time to savor it. Spiritually burping my way into town, I had to take Linda's car in for new tires all the way around. It's been awhile since I've done that, and it sure puts a dent in the bank account! On the bright side, we can cover it, which we wouldn't have been able to do only a few years ago. And my time spent in the waiting room allowed me to read some more, and to try to pray a little more effectively (whatever that means).

A few errands later, Linda called to let me know she would be in town, so I met her for some time together at Tim Hortons before running into an old friend who bent my ear for about twenty minutes after she left to have lunch with her sisters.

Back home, I did some work around the house before Harry picked me up for band rehearsal. On the way in, I texted a friend who was getting the results of his medical tests today, and we talked about the blessing of good health. At rehearsal, I felt overwhelmed with the good fortune I've had by being a part of the band, and from the people I've met who go out of their way to encourage me in my musical endeavors. I know I'll never even be close to proficient, but I am enjoying what I'm doing and feeling incredibly blessed by the people who are proficient...and patient.

I haven't even listed all the people who have been in my life today, people for whom I've prayed and with whom I've worked. I would never have imagined that life would be so full as I have known it, and as I reflect back on the morning, no, I didn't receive some amazing divine revelation, but through the rest of the day, I've seen it through eyes of wonder. I guess that in itself is a small miracle for which I am grateful tonight. Time invested in the morning getting one's heart and mind in order is not wasted, even if no great matters come of it. A heart able to recognize and receive even a portion of the gifts of life that surround us isn't a given. It is cultivated and trained by listening, reflecting, and just being quiet in the expectation that God will meet us. He does. He truly does.

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