Thursday, June 8, 2017

Who to Believe

June 8, 2017 I didn't even look at today's newspaper. This past week, I've tried to force myself to read it, but today I gave up. The political acrimonious partisanship and grandstanding is just too much for me to stomach. It reminds me of the story of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Truth takes a back seat to political intrigue and power. For two entire weeks in Cuba, we didn't see a TV or newspaper, had no access to the internet, and no radio. When we got back home, the same people were arguing about the same things as when we left. Nothing changed, no progress on any of the issues that matter the most. I'm developing a sneaking suspicion that the politicians and media are in collusion to focus on stuff that doesn't matter in order to draw our attention from that which does. So I'm back to where I started back in 2012, eschewing the news which never seems to change so I can embrace the Christ who never changes. At least he tells me the truth about myself and the world in which I live. And unlike the media, Jesus Christ gives hope. I am thankful tonight that I am not limited to what the media and the world believe I should know. I have the alt-news which is the Good News of a future I can believe in because I have a Christ I can believe in.

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