Monday, May 22, 2017

In Praise of Persistence

May 22, 2017

Kyle is a good-looking twenty-something young man working on his degree. He just finished a project in which local farmers and food suppliers are encouraged to find new ways to market their products, increasing income and providing better quality food for the community. Much of the research was done in Chautauqua County, so we talked about how we might network with others for the good of the community. All this took place while he was trying to get my old iPad to upload documents to the cloud so I can access them on my new iPad. 

It was a tedious and ultimately frustrating process, taking nearly two hours of his time. He even missed his coffee break as he stuck with the task, trying to help me out. I learned that like me, he is from the Rochester area, has a girlfriend, and is eager to finish his schooling so he can actually find a paying job. He learned that I am a retired pastor, recently returned from a mission trip to Cuba. When I told him some of my stories, he was quite grateful to be living where he lives. 

I am grateful for his persistence. He wasn't able to fully solve my problem, but did figure out how to do an end-run around the system to retrieve the information I needed. I am writing this on my new iPad because of his determination to do whatever needed. Instead of being able to upload all my Pages files from the old iPad and then download them to this one, I have to email them to myself one at a time. This could take some time, but it will work, at least until we can get a better solution from Apple tech. In a day in which too many people give up too easily, I appreciate a young man who refused to do so in order to help an old man get what he needed.

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