Friday, February 10, 2017

A Family of Fools

February 10, 2017

Laughter. Tonight our house was filled with it. I suppose it's all my fault. Or Linda's. Eliza was chasing Nathan through the house, and I told them to slow down, whereupon Linda commented that they couldn't run slowly. I proceeded to demonstrate that it was indeed possible, showing off my best slo-mo form which the kids immediately copied with a slo-mo chase complete with reaching out to grab me as I dodged their grasp artfully and if I must say so myself, quite successfully. Everyone chimed in, prompting Linda to call granddaughter-at-college Alex for comfort and support. Of course, we had to do a re-enactment so Alex could judge for herself whether or not Meema was being unfairly targeted. A little Skype brought some long-distance and much deserved applause.

All this was after a pun-fest at dinner, and before a rousing game of Twister prior to everyone getting ready for bed. I am tempted to check the news before turning in, but why ruin a good evening? It's sad the way so many people seem angry all the time. And if they aren't angry, they're worried. Anger and fear are stock in trade in the political world, and those who invest heavily and continually in it soon find themselves overwhelmed by one or both of these emotions. I watch people I know and care about trading their joy for a bowl of political pottage that robs them of their inheritance of peace, and am saddened as I watch them dragging themselves wearily down a road to despair. I figure that there's no sense worrying about what I can't change, so I might as well live in the joy of Christ.

St. Paul spoke of being a fool for Christ. We were foolish tonight, and extravagant in our fun together. I'll leave the news for another time, and turn in lighthearted and content, surrounded by the kids who made our evening one to remember. We were fools for each other tonight. It sure beats being a fool for sex, drugs or alcohol, or for fear and anger. What are you a fool for?

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