Friday, April 7, 2017

Circle of Friends

April 7, 2017

Tonight's post will be short because it may turn out to be a very short night for me. Our dinner group normally meets the first Friday of every month, rotating between our homes. Tonight was to have been our evening to host, but one of the couples had a family emergency, and the wife of the other couple is down south visiting children and grandchildren. So Linda and I had dinner out with Ken, tonight's sole remaining member. We had a delightful evening eating and talking about life before receiving a call from the other friends with the news that her brother had passed away. They were planning on taking their grandson to the Cleveland airport for an early morning flight, but with all the changing circumstances, I may be providing the taxi service, or at least keeping them company on the drive.

Life is full of unexpected incidents, crises, and tragedies. When they come our way, it is good to have friends who gather around, circling the wagons in prayer and support. We have often been recipients of the love and support of this small circle of friends. Tonight, it is our turn and our privilege to be there for our friends who have so often been there for us. It feels like we have stepped onto holy ground, so we take off our shoes, bow down, and worship.

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