Monday, January 18, 2016

Sweet Revenge

January 17, 2016

It's not quite the same having a snow day on a national holiday. At least that's the opinion I hear from certain teachers whom I tried to cheer up by excitedly telling them they were going to have one today. Teachers can be touchy about such things. For me, I'm grateful that I didn't have to go anywhere today except around the village plowing driveways, which I did for about four hours. Last summer when we bought the tractor, we swallowed hard at spending the money, but on days like today, it was worth every penny. Being retired, I have the time, and God has blessed us with health and now the equipment to help people out.

It's been snowing all day; the flower barrel by the driveway has about a foot and a half of snow on it. The bird feeder sports what looks like a huge marshmallow hat, and the chickadees, juncoes, English sparrows, mourning doves, and cardinals are all tucked in for the night after a day-long feeding frenzy. The wood stove has kept the back room toasty, and now it's about bedtime. It's been a quiet day in Lake Wobegon, unlike Saturday night when some neighborhood boys bent on having a bit of 4-wheeler fun did a pretty good job of tearing up our side lawn. But today I got even. I plowed out their driveway that was socked in under about 2 feet of heavy snow. It's been a good day, and with all the trouble and tragedy in the world, this kind of revenge is sweet, indeed!

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